Near Future Marketing
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Casey Pollock

Software Engineer / Graphic Designer


 My Story

As a self taught programmer and serial entrepreneur, I enjoy the challenges associated with designing and developing apps for people around the world! My story definitely did not happen over night, and everyday it continues to grow. That is why I’ve finally created a page that shares a decent summary of my journey. Although I’m currently located in California, I’m originally from Virginia! When I moved here I was 21 and it was my first time moving away from home after college. Since moving to California, I have grown so much as a person and expanded my portfolio in ways I never imagined!

I’ve spent most of my life quite literally on the east coast in Virginia Beach, Virginia. I graduated high school there and attended Tidewater Community College until I transferred to Old Dominion University. At ODU I majored in graphic design, which allowed me to hone my years of experience using Photoshop and Illustrator. Ironically, I convinced myself that I wouldn’t enjoy the math required for computer science and focused on graphic design instead! Fast forward to my third year of college, and I was well versed in the “do’s and don’ts” of mobile UI/UX design. I was fascinated with designing apps and app icons for imaginary companies! When the next semester started, the financial aid department informed me that my existing loans wouldn't cover the remainder of my tuition and housing. This was devastating. I had worked really hard to live on campus but I simply couldn’t afford it. At the time I also worked at a local GNC and decided to just work full time until fall semester.

Not being enrolled that semester made me stronger. I refused to lose progress to my classmates and decided to teach myself how to program in my free time. Apple had just announced they would be launching the Apple Watch for the first time ever. Realizing that at the time no one in history had ever sold an Apple Watch app, I decided I needed to make one. It took me one month to learn how to program in Swift with no previous experience. After that, it took me 21 days to build my first app “WristRef Scorekeeper”. The most amazing part of all of this is that my app was approved for sale during the first week that the Apple Watch launched! I had set a seemingly impossible goal and managed to succeed. Eight months later I decided I no longer wanted to study graphic design, and that California would be my best chance to develop software for iOS professionally.

My Apps

I decided to move to Southern California in 2016. Because I didn’t come from a formal computer science background, it seemed impossible to find a software company willing to give me a chance at that time. During this time I worked full time for a marketing company more than 80 hours a week. This job was highly focused on entrepreneurship and required we work 100% commission usually 5-7 days a week. It wasn’t until the near end of the year that I was able to release my next app. I stayed with the marketing company until the literal last day they were in business. During my time there I had already decided that when I was promoted my companies name would be Near Future Marketing. I had already started the social media accounts and infrequently wrote motivational blog post for my future employees! This was just the beginning.

Over the course of the next year I released 10 new apps! I still worked a full time job, but by reducing my hours to a normal 40 I had enough time to actually progress as a developer. I also gained a huge interest in augmented reality after realizing that the only apps that seemed to matter to my generation, were the ones that used the camera.

My Designs 

Believe it or not I’ve been graphic designing for exactly 10 years! Graphic design led me to start programming because I “wanted to make the buttons work”. Over the years I’ve worked on various projects for clients and friends. Starting with graphic design allowed me to work on a range of projects like album art, company logos, marketing materials, fashion, and many others!