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7 days of access to the latest assets and recorded tutorials.

ARKit 2 + Blender Bootcamp
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Payment Plan Available. Includes all assets and videos covering ARKit 2 development, and 3D modeling with Blender!

Lifetime Membership

Includes a 9.7in 6th generation iPad, limited edition AR Today shirt or cap, lifetime access to all digital assets and videos, and guaranteed free entry to all in person workshops!


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Build 12 Apps In 4 Weeks


Unlimited Access To All Lessons


AR Ready 3D Models Included


iOS 12 + ARKit 2 Coverage


Curated Sound Kit Included


Student App Spotlight


Swift 4 Cheat Sheet Included


Certificate of Completion



  • An iPhone 6S or better, or any of the iPad's launched in the last year.
  • A 2010 Mac computer or better, running the latest version of macOS High Sierra.
  • A consistent internet connection will be required to stream the online lessons and download the included assets. If you would like offline access to this course, please download the Udemy app using your compatible devices.
  • No previous programming experience required!
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