Research & Development

VERSION 1.0 | 05/12/2015

VERSION 1.1 | 12/02/2015

VERSION 1.3 | 05/23/2016

Original ARTWORK

Change Log

  • 1.3

    • All new Settings menu lets you customize WristRef for any game!
    • Added milliseconds to the timer for extra accuracy, you can turn this on or off in the new Settings menu!
    • Major improvements in speed, accuracy, battery drain, voice recognition, and legibility on every screen!
    • Change how the game is scored, or make the scorecard's match the teams color!
    • 15 team colors add even more options when creating a team!
    • Minor bug fixes in the Glance view!
    • Added support for four digit scores!

  • 1.1

    • WristRef has been rewritten from scratch for watchOS 2/iOS 9 support to provide faster performance, decreased app size/memory use/battery drain, minor bug fixes, and an app that is no longer tethered to your iPhone! 

    • Dramatically redesigned everything to be easier to read and press with major UI/UX improvements!

    • Added "NAME" menu options on team Scorecards. Name the team by Force Touching the Scorecard and using the microphone to speak the team's name, selecting an emoji, or selecting a preset name. Team name's font color is always a legible black or white relative to the Color Bar, and it always matches the appropriate Team Color when viewed on the Scoreboard!

    • Added Digital Crown support to the Color Bar. Now you can scroll back and forth when selecting team color! Tapping the Color Bar still loops through the colors and either input produces a subtle "Click" haptic feedback. This allows you to see and feel the color changing!

    • Added a Glance view. Enable WristRef's Glance in the "Apple Watch" app on your iPhone. Now with ease you can quickly slide up the current game from the watch face and see the scores and game time. Just tap the Glance and it jumps straight into the app so you can add some points or put everything on pause! 

    • Added sound and haptic feedback to the timer's "start/finish" and the Scoreboard's "RESET" menu option.

    • Added "00:00:00" as a Force Touch menu option on the Scoreboard. Resets the time back to default.

    • Upgraded the current score button to include math and know the difference between winning and leading!

    • Minor Mentionable Changes
    - The middle page is now the default view and the scorecards present a notification when the timer expires.
    - Added "Tungsten" as a team color and reorganized the Color Bar's loop.
    - Redesigned the iPhone app.
    - Increased app icon size for iPhone and Watch.
    - Shortened display name from "WristRef ScoreKeeper" to "WristRef".