Augmented Reality UFO Stickers

Thanks to augmented reality, the technology to play with real Aliens, UFO's, and space junk is finally here! Unlock your creative abilities with these amazing tools!

Includes a powerful augmented reality camera app, and a UFO themed sticker pack for iMessage and FaceTime!

- Tap anywhere to place a UFO in the real world! Use the 3D camera to take amazing photographs in augmented reality! Scale your 3D stickers with a pinch, or draw shapes and lines in any color using the 3D brush!

- Transform the space around you with 3D decorations like palm trees and nuclear waste! Use the 3D Cursor as a shortcut to reach mini games, art supplies, and more!

- After you enable the sticker pack in iMessage, press and hold that sticker to place it anywhere in a conversation!

This app is powered by our powerful reality engine AugmaOS, capable of supporting 1000+ active UFO's! Every UFO is mysteriously influenced by the art and the environment you create! Simply tap any UFO to pick it up and relocate it to anywhere where you please!

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Augmented Reality UFO Stickers uses the device's TrueDepth camera system to track the movement of your face and facial expressions. This allows for a unique user experience, the front facing camera can be used to take photos with the artwork you create. In the future, we plan to use this technology to offer a wide range of face effects. In order for this functionality to be possible, Augmented Reality UFO Stickers requires access to your device's camera. This access can be toggled on or off at any time in your device's settings. 

The camera images and resulting depth data are only used for gameplay purposes. The live video feed is never used, and its data is never stored locally or remotely. Camera access is required to get depth data from Apple's API's. The only depth data collected is related to the movement of your eyebrows, eyes, and mouth position.Any collected data is stored on the device only for the duration of your current game session. If the user uses the built in 3D Camera to take a picture, the resulting exported file does not include any actual depth data and only portrays the results.

Every time the user returns to the home screen or the app is closed, all tracking data is deleted.Face data is never stored remotely, given to third parties, or used for any non-gameplay/entertainment purposes at any time.If you have any questions, please reach out to us at

Thank you for using Augmented Reality UFO Stickers!