Near Future Marketing

San Jose State hosted Casey for a lecture on AR during Silicon Valley Academy!


July 3, 2019

Silicon Valley Academy, is an amazing opportunity for European students to visit and hear from tech titans and startups based in the Bay Area. Naturally, when Casey was extended an invite to present on the topic of augmented reality, he wasted no time in explaining every facet of the industry . Students were given a full lecture at San Jose State University, covering a full spectrum of augmented reality capable devices, marketshare expectations, and even a live demo of our reality engine AugmaOS!

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UC Berkeley invited Casey to lecture their undergrads on augmented reality!

UC Berkeley Casey Pollock.jpg

August 1, 2018

The University of California—Berkeley is one of the top Computer Science schools in America, tied with Stanford and Carnegie Melon. This is why we were so excited when Casey was offered the opportunity to lecture more than fifty of their undergraduate students! Students were encouraged to bring their Macbook, and learned how to create an augmented reality app before the class was over! Read More

Our Machine Learning Model "BoozeML" Was Featured On Apple Insider!

June 6, 2018

The next day after Apple announced CreateML, we took hundreds of photographs of the drinks everyone had in hand and created a machine learning model using the new tools! Check out Collin's interview with Apple Insider where he discusses the new model and his experience at WWDC. Read Here

UPDATE: We've decided to Open Source this model, feel free to use it in your projects! GitHub Repo

Collin Nails His Interview With Mac Observer At AltConf 2018!

June 5, 2018

During AltConf 2018, The Mac Observer's Jeff Gamet sat down with Collin to talk about his scholarship entry and experience at WWDC 18. Collin discusses his favorite announcements by Apple, and his experience as a scholarship winner! Watch Here

Casey Makes A Cameo In DreamWorld's Commercial For An Augmented Reality Headset!

June 4, 2018

Just days before making an appearance at WWDC and AltConf 2018, Casey appeared in a commercial for the previously unheard of DreamGlass! Check out his testimony about developing augmented reality applications for this new hardware. Watch Here

Jeff Gamet From The Mac Observer Interviews Casey At AltConf 2018!

June 4, 2018

Casey Pollock sat down with Jeff Gamet from The Mac Observer to discuss Near Future Marketing and the WWDC 2018 announcements. Casey talks about how he got started making apps, and why he started a Meetup to teach people how to make ARKit apps! Watch Here

Collin Just Won Apple's WWDC Scholarship For The Third Year In A Row!

April 5, 2018

It's hard to get into WWDC. Apple holds a lottery and only the winners are allowed to pay the required $1500+ per ticket. Yet for the third year in a row Collin Dewaters just attended absolutely free! Students and STEM organizers may apply for a scholarship to the event by creating an app based on submission requirements created by Apple. Check out Collins submission entry, a robust time trial racing game! Watch Here

Casey Awarded Sponsorship To Facebook's F8 Conference, Makes A Cameo In The Keynote!

May 2, 2018

Thanks to his work with AR Studio and Camera Effects, Facebook decided to offer Casey a full scholarship to this years F8 event in San Jose! During the second day of the keynote, Casey makes a quick cameo early on in a video of the previous day. This was a really impressive moment for Casey, he attended the keynote in person and was sitting pretty close! Watch Here


We identified a bug in the current version of Apple's ARKit, which will significantly improve the next version iOS!

ARKit Bug.jpg

January 5, 2018

When Apple pushed the update for iOS 11.2 last week, Casey took a leap of faith and updated his hardware on the same day he would be presenting The Big Sky Above Us. Almost instantly we were able to confirm a bug in the new update that only affected augmented reality apps! Ironically, the bug affected the way Earth was rendered in the release version of our app, making the clouds either pink or invisible! We tested multiple devices and took advantage of our custom planet assembler, until we finally narrowed down why this bug was happening!

Did We Just Publish The Worlds First Augmented Reality Album!?

November 23, 2017

Considering Casey composed the entire album himself back in 2014, you could say this app took 3 years to develop! The Big Sky Above Us is an amazing augmented reality app that lets you listen to every planet and moon in our solar system! None of the music used in the app has ever been released and can only be heard by downloading the app. Read More