WristRef ScoreKeeper

The easiest solution to scorekeeping and undoubtedly the most beautiful. WristRef lives on your wrist so it's always in the game. Every pixel and feature was carefully crafted for casual or professional Apple Watch users. Fingers will agree, your wrist keeps count much better than they ever could!

WristRef Grassy.jpg

WristRef is the perfect way to keep score and time for any professional sport or weekend shenanigans! Your iPhone never needs to be present, so there's no extra pocket weight for referees that may also be players!


- Setup WristRef for any competitive game or sport with the new Settings menu.
Discover a new sense of precision with milliseconds or switch back to classic mode.

- Name either team by Force Touching their scorecard and tapping the microphone, emoji, or preset name options!

- Tap a team's Color Bar to loop through 15 different colors. Glide across the Digital Crown with precision to scroll back and forth without looping!

- Press play from "00:00:00" to start the stopwatch or use the "+/-" hour and minute buttons to set the timer. With the timer set, press play to start counting down!

- Force Touching the Scoreboard will present the "00:00:00" and "RESET" menu options. Tapping the X will reset the clock to "00:00:00" while tapping the trash can will reset both score and time!

- Enable WristRef's Glance in the "Apple Watch" app on your iPhone for a quick peak at the current game. Just in case the score and time aren't the first things you see when you raise your wrist!